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Corporate Golf – Flexible Opportunities to Meet Client Needs

Boulcott’s Farm offers a range of Corporate Golf opportunities. The Club has introduced a highly successful Corporate Partnership Programme which enables commercial networking through golf. Corporate Golf Days are second to none at Boulcott’s Farm. The Club encourages Corporate Golf and Corporate Charity events across the Summer months – the primary days being Mondays or Fridays. Companies or businesses are encouraged to utilize the Club’s specialist staff to build and develop a Corporate or Charity Golf Day. The cost is tailored to the event.

Corporate Golf Memberships can be structured to meet individual requirements. For example a company or business can utilize its Corporate Golf Membership to host clients on the course through its corporate membership card. In addition to this a company can provide individual memberships that are aligned to corporate hosting. Flexibility is the key with each option being developed and structured to meet the needs of the individual company and its budget.

Sponsorship Branding and Product Alignment with Boulcott’s Farm enables direct connection with members and visitors. Each year in excess of 80,000 rounds of golf are played on the 18-Hole Course. Tee signage, clubhouse and programme branding options are available.

For all details relating to Corporate Golf please contact:James Harris,General Manager,,Alastair Sidford, Golf Services Manager,; Shana Hoffman, Functions Coordinator,