New Player Programmes
The Farm has probably the most extensive new player programme in the District.  These focus predominantly on Junior Learn to Play and development programmes and Ladies Learn to Play and Development programmes.
Junior Programme
The Junior programme is graduated according to ability.  It commences with a Learn to Play segment where the fundamentals of the game are taught.  It then progresses to our Short Course.  As our Juniors graduate from these beginner programmes, they move into a series of graduated programmes designed to enhance their playing skill and integrate them into the Club.  The elite programme is available for those Juniors whose handicap is 5 or less.
Ladies Learn to Play and Playing League
Our experience has taught us that many ladies are reluctant to play golf because of the pressure they feel from more experienced golfers and from the Men.  To address this, the Ladies Learn to Play and Playing League was established.  It operates on Monday evenings during the summer months, with one period at the beginning of the year and one at the end, .  The Learn to Play consists of 8 group sessions with like ladies where they cover the fundamentals of the game.   They then graduate into the Ladies Playing League where they play in fours with fellow ladies.  Thus phase includes some on-course coaching, normally focusing on one aspect of the game.
Following a season in this league, the ladies then join the Ladies Twilight, also on Monday. 
Following this programme, most ladies feel confident to join and enjoy normal Club golf and competitions.