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Green Fees and Information
The renowned Boulcott's Farm Heritage golf course is set in park-like surrounds and provides a challenge for all golfers.  It rewards good shots and can be very unforgiving on any errant ones.  The large, sand based greens are subtlety contoured and run fast and true.  Most greens are guarded by generous sand bunkers, grass knolls and hollows which add to the challenge for your approach shots.   The course is fully irrigated and intensively groomed with every hole providing a unique challenge.
Our friendly Golf Shop team are ready to take your booking and ensure you have a memorable game of golf at Boulcott's Farm Heritage Golf Club. Contact them on Ph 04 567 4722 ext 1
Green FeesMidweekWeekend
18 Holes - Affiliated$40$50
18 Holes - Non Affiliated$60$70
9-Holes - Affiliated$25$25
9-Holes - Non Affiliated$35$35
18 Hole Junior ( Under – 19)$25$35
9-Hole Junior ( Under – 19)$15$15
Public Holidays – Weekend Rates Apply  
Electric Golf Cart 18 Holes$45 
Electric Golf Cart 9 Holes$25 
Pull Trundler$5 
Golf club rental per set$25

6 Hole Short Course
Our exclusive and unique Short Course has been built to the same standard as the Main Course.  At just under 1000 metres in length this is a unique venue to develop your golf game or get a quick round in after work.
Green Fees for the short course are $10 per person. 
Local Rules 1-1-2019


GENERAL AREA – DEFINITION: The general area is the area of the course that covers all of the course except for:

· The teeing area the player must play from in starting the hole he or she is playing

· All penalty areas

· All bunkers, and

· The putting green of the hole the player is playing.

Out of Bounds is defined by:

· All boundary fences and greenkeepers’ compound;

· Areas defined by white stakes; and

· All areas surrounding the clubhouse and car parks as defined by stakes, edgings or seal.

Pace of Play – In stroke play players are encouraged to play ‘ready golf’ – that is, to play out of turn in a safe and responsible way.

Required Relief Procedures – You MUST take relief if:

· A tree under two club lengths in height interferes with your stance or area of intended swing

· Exposed lining in a bunker if your ball touches the lining or the lining interferes with your stance or swing

· Your ball lies on the wrong tee. This is defined as the mown area of the tee block.

Abnormal Course Conditions and Integral Objects - If your ball touches any of the following, or any of the following interfere with your stance, free relief MAY be obtained under Rule 16.1:

· All roads and paths on the course, even if not artificially-surfaced

· Tee markers and signs, fixed sprinkler heads, tap covers, stakes, drainage covers and soak pits

· Spongy turf

· Wheel rut

· Embedded stone

· In ground distance markers and sprinkler heads

Ground Under Repair – Complete relief MUST be taken from:

· Any area encircled by a white line or by blue stakes; and

· Areas in bunkers where sand has been removed by the movement of water resulting in deep furrows through the sand

Embedded Ball –A ball embedded in its own pitch-mark in the general area, except when the ball is embedded in sand in part of the general area not cut to fairway length or interference makes the stroke clearly unreasonable, MAY be lifted without penalty, cleaned and dropped in accordance with Rule 16.3.

Distance Measuring Device – For all play at this course the player may obtain distance information by use of a distance-measuring device. Use of the device to obtain any other information that may influence the player is prohibited.

Practice Areas - The designated practice areas within which practice is permitted at any time are:

· The Driving Range

· Practice chipping and putting greens

Practice anywhere on the 6-hole course is not permitted

Placing – Check your card to see if placing is permitted.

Alternative to Stroke & Distance for Lost Ball or Ball Out of Bounds – Except where the Terms of the Competition prohibit it when a player’s ball has not been found or is known or virtually certain to be out of bounds and a provisional ball has not been played, the player MAY for a penalty of two strokes, drop the original ball or another ball at:

- Ball Reference Point: The point where the original ball is estimated to have come to rest on the course, or last crossed the edge of the course boundary to go out of bounds, or

- Fairway Reference Point: The point of fairway of the hole being played that is nearest to the ball reference point but is not nearer the hole than the ball reference point.

Procedures for Bad Weather and Suspensions of Play - A suspension of play for a dangerous situation will be signalled by 1 long toot from an air horn; resumption of play will be signalled by 2 toots on an air horn.

Interference from Spare Hole on a Green - When a player’s ball is on the green, if a spare hole interferes with the player’s stance, stroke, or line of putt, the player may take relief without penalty, and place the ball at the nearest point of relief, not nearer the hole.

Breach of Local Rules – Unless otherwise specified, the breach for a local rule - General Penalty

Penalty for second breach unrelated to first breach: Disqualification

Distance Markers

· In ground distance markers and sprinkler heads as marked to the front of the green

· Pin placement is as marked on the card