Boulcott's Farm Heritage Golf Club was formed in 2010 with the amalgamation of the Hutt Golf Club and the Boulcott Golf Club. Both clubs have extensive and proud histories. The Hutt Golf Club was established in 1892, and was the first golf club established in the North Island and the third in New Zealand.  The Boulcott Golf Club was established in 1947, immediately adjacent and to the south of the Hutt course.  

The combined site has been redeveloped and the new facilities constructed.  This includes the 18 hole course, the 6 hole course, the practice facilities and the clubhouse complex.  The objective was to contruct a Championship standard golf course and a state of the arts building to house the Cafe & Bar, the golf shop and other amenities associated with golf.

The club has established its own identity and exhibits a warm, welcoming and inclusive atmosphere.  


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