Board & Management

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The Club's Governance and Management comprises a Board, a Golf Committee and the Management team which delivers the operational functions of the Club.


Golf Committee

Management Team



Ian McEwen

Murray Hannam (Men's Captain)

General Manager

Amy Sidford

Ian Avison

Judy Young (Women's Captain)

Golf Services Manager

Alastair Sidford

Caron Greenough

Chris Campbell

Functions Manager

Paula Studd

Chad Johnston

Andy Holdaway

Course Manager

Mark Whalen

Bill Pillay

Bridget Hughes

Finance Manager

Lynne Pohe-Cowan

Adelyn Wischnowsky

Raewin Ormond Cafe & Bar Manager Tawai Fry

Murray Hannam

Suzanne Pullman      

Judy Young

Steve Williams


Mike Chan (President, exoficio)