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Foot Golf
The Farm provides one of Wellington's best Footgolf courses. Laid out with the 6 hole golf course, this nine-hole course presents this wonderful new sport which has taken Europe, the United Kingdom and the United States by storm.  
The cost is $10 for 9 Holes, or $15 for 18 Hole
Ball hire is $5.00 or you can bring your own football.
Footgolf is golf played using a football.  The sport is about kicking the ball into an over sized golf hole in the fewest kicks.  Like golf, you can play with a handicap if you choose, and play a variety of games.  You can play hole by hole, with the winner of the most holes the winner, or as a complete round, with the person with lowest score the winner.  You can play singles, or as a team.  You make up the game!
Dress code is tidy sports clothing. Please no singlets or jandals. Foot wear is normal running shoes – no spikes or sprigs are permitted.
Bookings can be made through the Boulcott’s Farm Golf Shop – 567 4722 Ext 1 or email
Boulcott’s Farm provides a nine hole Foot Golf Course, 790 Metres long playing Par 35.
Hole 1 – Par 3, 50m, Stroke 7; Hole 2 – Par 4, 70m, Stroke 9; Hole 3 – Par 4, 110m, Stroke 3; Hole 4 – Par 5, 130m, Stroke 1; Hole 5 – Par 4, 110m, Stroke 5. Hole 6 – Par 4, 90m, Stroke 6; Hole 7 – Par 3, 40m, Stroke 8; Hole 8 – Par 4, 120m, Stroke 2; Hole 9 – Par 4, 70m, Stroke 4.